Philanthropy as a creative act.


Like aspen trees, which seem to stand alone but in reality have roots that are deeply entangled, we are interconnected and essential to one another’s flourishing. 

Where the light gets in 

Especially in moments of darkness, we seek where the light is getting in—where people and ideas are working—and imagine and build from there.


The journey toward justice is long. Better to accompany one another and recognize those whom society has left unaccompanied. 

Being Game 

We are at a moment of uncertainty that requires us to stretch and dive headfirst into the unknown with both empathy and aspiration.

Artistry and Beauty

These are deeply human needs, not luxuries. Creativity is essential and belongs to all of us.

Casting Wide and Well

Great alchemy comes from a diversity of skills, perspectives, life stories, and traditions. 


We make time an ally. Our work is to run both a sprint and a marathon at the same time.