The Hearthland Foundation

Start With Poetry

Langston Hughes

Our Mission

Justice. Equity. Connection.

One creative act at a time.

With a belief in the power of art, storytelling, and working together for the common good, we make grants and co-create projects that help build a shared democracy, tell an honest and generative narrative about this country, and foster a culture of accompaniment.

Brick building with a red neon "HOME" sign on it.
Danville, Virginia

Our Approach

Philanthropy as a creative act.

Like art, philanthropy begins with ideas. For us, philanthropy is a process and practice—one that requires time, effort, learning, partnership, intention, and invention to spark moral imagination and create new possibilities.

Person smiling in front of a mountain range landscape
Utah Diné Bikéyah

Our Strategy & Grantees

Building a shared America.

We support, generate, and test ideas and efforts that help build:

Man photographing a woman who is sitting on a set of steps holding a photograph
Report for America

Imagine with us.

With the 250th anniversary of the founding of the nation approaching in 2026, where do you see possibility taking shape and what do you dream for this country?

The journey toward justice is long.

Nourishment for the road ahead.

In moments of uncertainty and possibility, we turn to artists to guide us. Activist and artist Jonathan Lykes shares a chant to summon those who preceded us and to inspire us to be ancestors to the America that we want to build.

Artist-activist Jonathan Lykes